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Pattern - Fluffy scarf

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Pattern - Fluffy scarf


Yarn: 100 gram LACE LANG Yarns 58% superkid mohair and 42% silk – 310 meter / 25 gram or 100 gram ITO Sensai ITO Yarns 60% superkid mohair and 40% silk – 240 meter / 20 gram.

Fluffy Scarf is in color 98 LACE LANG Yarns. Last photo, ITO SENSAI in different colors.


Measurements: Remember that the knitting technique with brioche stitches makes the scarf extra stretchy / elastic


Approx. 130 - 140 cm width (at shoulders) and approx. 60 cm length (centre). Measurements taken after washing.

Before wash, approx. 128 cm width (at shoulders) and approx. 53 cm length (centre).


Needle: 3,5 mm – 100 cm or 120 cm


Gauge: approx. 23 stitches x 50 rows in brioche with yarn over on needle 3,5 mm = 10 x 10 cm.
1 sts in height = 2 rows. Choose the correct needle size to obtain the given gauge.  


Info: To achieve the given measurements, I recommend that you first knit a gauge swatch. It is important to determine the correct needle size for the correct measurements. The needle size is just a reference. If you knit tighter or more loosely, go up or down a needle size. If you knit tighter, the scarf will be smaller and if you knit mor loosely, the scarf will be bigger. Fluffy Scarf is worked flat in brioche stitch with yarn overs on a circular needle. The scarf is worked with 2 threads of LACE yarn or ITO SENSAI yarn. It is worked bottom up with increases that are incorporated into the brioche pattern.

To see your pattern, Log in to your account at the online store. You will see downloadable files at the bottom of the menu on the left.


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