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Pattern - Enkelt skirt

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Pattern Enkelt skirt - English 

Knit your own skirt, with this Enkelt skirt (means easy to knit) you can easly knit them in many colours. 

Yarn: ISAGER Alpaca 2  (50 % alpaca and 50 % wool) – 250 meters of 50 gram each skein. SANDNES Line (53 % cotton, 33 % viscose and 14 % linen – 110 meter og 50 gram each skein)

Size small/small – 100 gram ISAGER Alpaca 2 and 200 gram SANDNES Line

Size medium – 100 gram ISAGER Alpaca 2 and 200 gram SANDNES Line

Size large – 100 gram ISAGER Alpaca 2 and 250 gram SANDNES Line

Size x large – 100 gram ISAGER Alpaca 2 and 250 gram SANDNES Line

Size xx large – 150 gram ISAGER Alpaca 2 and 300 gram SANDNES Line


Recommended needles: 5 mm and 4.5 mm circular needle (for magic loop or 40 cm, 60/80 cm)









Fits a hip circumference approx.

84 – 93cm

94 – 103cm

104 – 113cm

114 – 123cm

124 – 133cm

Fits a waist approx.

70 - 75 cm

76 – 81 cm 

82 – 85 cm

86 – 90 cm

91 – 95 cm

Length approx.

45 cm

45 cm

46 cm

46 cm

48 cm


The skirt is flexible and widens when worn. Keep this in mind when choosing the size.

Gauge: 18 sts in stockinette stitch on needle 5 mm = ca. 10 cm. The needle size is just a reference. Use the needle size with which you obtain the indicated gauge swatch.

K tbl: Knit through the back loop.


Info: The needle size is just a reference. To achieve the given measurements, I recommend that you first knit a gauge swatch. If you knit more loosely, work the skirt on a 4,5 mm needle. With this needle size the skirt will be a little tighter. The skirt is worked top down (from waistband to knee) on a circular needle. It is worked with double thread – 1 thread SANDNES Line and 1 thread ISAGER Alpaca 2. If you want your skirt to be shorter/longer than indicated here, you can adjust the length before you start the ribbing (remember that the amount of yarn will change). See «Finishing» for working the ribbing. This keeps the skirt in position. Keep in mind that the waistband and the skirt itself are relatively stretchy. If desired, you can work regular knit stitches at the ribbings and sides. If you want the lower ribbing to be longer, you can start earlier than indicated here and you can also work in rib across all stitches. If the skirt is to be shaped towards the knees, decreases can be made approx. every 1.5 cm (where increases were previously made) – 3 to 4 times approx. 6 cm before the ribbing start (lower ribbing). If you work in rib across all sts, the skirt will tighten slightly more. Try on the skirt while knitting, to find your perfect length – place the skirt on 2 circular needles.


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