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Bonus points


When you shop in the Arnhild online store as a customer, you earn bonus points. Each product/item in the online store is accompanied by a bonus point that the product/item provides. The bonus points that you get can be exchanged for a discount code. You can exchange your bonus points for a discount code whenever you want with anything over 200 bonus points.


Then you can use the discount code on a trade. As a customer, you can use your bonus points by logging in to your page in the online store and going to "My account". Inside "My account" it is stated how many points you as a customer have, what these points correspond to in kroner. You can click on convert bonus points into a discount code.


A discount code will then be visible to you as a customer at the same time as it is automatically added to the shopping cart when you proceed to checkout. It is important that you do not delete this discount code or redeem the bonus points before you use them. Then the discount code and bonus points will be registered without you being able to use them. You must provide the discount code yourself.


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